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The first party congress of the ZEC party general branch was held successfully;


   In order to further strengthen the leading role of grass-roots party organizations in state-owned enterprises, give full play to the creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity of the party organizations, and promote the leapfrog development of Zhenhua E-chem, after careful study of the Party Committee of China Zhenhua Group, made a decision to approve the establishment of a general branch of Guizhou Zhenhua E-chem. After intensive and careful preparation in the early stage, Guizhou Zhenhua E-chem co., ltd officially held the first party member conference of the party general branch on the morning of July 19, 2018.The CPC Committee of China Zhenhua Group attached great importance to and paid close attention to it. Huang Debin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the Group, and Ju Li, Deputy Secretary of the CPC-Mass Department, attended the meeting.




Min Peinong, secretary of the last Party branch, said in the summary of the work of the Party branch: since the establishment of the Party branch on July 30, 2009, the Party branch has overcome the difficulty of centralized communication of Party members scattered in Shenzhen, Guiyang and Xingyi, and has flexibly established the QQ communication group, Dingding group and WeChat group of the Party branch in combination with the actual situation. The Party branch committee has taken the lead in learning theory, changing the style of work, being diligent and honest, and abiding by laws and regulations. Party members have strived hard to be the first to play the role of the fighting fortress of the Party branch and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, making positive contributions to the rapid development of Zhenhua E-chem.




At the meeting, Hou Qiaokun, Xiang Qianxin, Lou ling, Min Peinong and Wang Jing were elected as members of the first general branch committee by secret ballot.




  Hou Qiaokun, Chairman of Zhenhua E-chem, made a statement on behalf of the newly elected General Branch Committee. He believes that the current general branch committee should focus on three major tasks: first, how to strengthen the leadership role of the general party branch in state-owned enterprises; Secondly, how to seek development wholeheartedly and push forward Zhenhua E-chem to speed up the leap-forward development. Thirdly, how to discuss that how to guarantee the mechanism as the front procedure of the board of directors and managers around the party organization.




Comrade Huang Debin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of the Group Company, made an important speech. He congratulated the meeting on its success. He would like to express his heartfelt thanks to the cadres and workers of Zhenhua E-chem for their hard work and contributions to Zhenhua E-chem. At the same time, he raised four hopes: firstly, to raise awareness of the station, attach great importance to and conscientiously do a good job in the party building work in state-owned enterprises; Secondly, to carefully sort out the problems existing in the party building work of Zhenhua E-chem, strengthen the rectification, make up for the shortcomings, establish and perfect the system and mechanism of the party building work, and ensure the party building work to a higher level. Thirdly, to further promote the management of enterprises according to laws and regulations. Fourthly, to do a good job in poverty alleviation and fulfill the political and social responsibilities of central enterprises. He encouraged all Party members of Zhenhua E-chem to fulfill their duties in their respective posts, play a vanguard and exemplary role, and make greater contributions to the reform and development of Zhenhua E-chem to a new level.


(Edited by Hong Juan, translated by Yu Sisi, photographed by Wang Jun)