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Wang Shijie, the vice governor of Guizhou province, visited ZEC with some officials


      On the morning of 31July, Wang Shijie, vice governor of Guizhou Province, Liao Fei, director-general,Lin Hao, deputy director-general of the provincial science and technology department, and Huang Changxiang, director of the new and high-tech zone, along with a group of more than 20 people come to Zhenhua E-chem to research and investigation. Fu Xianmin, vice secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Zhenhua, Fang Ming, vice general manager of Zhenhua, and Hou Qiaokun, chairman of ZEC accompanied the research and investigation.




    In Workshop 2 of Zhenhua E-chem, Wang Shijie with some officials listened to the introduction of the general situation, industrial scale, economic index, development plan and Yilong fully automated production line of Zhenhua E-chem by Hou Qiaokun, head of the enterprise. They visited and inspected the semi-automated production line of lithium ion battery cathode materials on the spot and learned about the production technology, production process, technical difficulties and advancement of the products.




    Arriving at the Quality Assurance Department of the R&D Building, Wang Shijie with some officials visited the battery preparation room. The person in charge of the enterprise introduced in detail the application and promotion status, domestic and foreign market prospects, development trends, industry status, etc.



    Wang Shijie affirmed the production and operation performance and development prospects of Zhenhua E-chem, and hoped that enterprises would seize the opportunity to win a broader market.



(Edited by Hong Juan, translated by Yu Sisi, photographed by Wang Jun)