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Du Yuanquan, the chairman of the board of supervisors of CEC, visited ZEC with some officials

        On September 22, 2017, Du Yuanquan, the chairman of the board of supervisors of CEC, visited ZEC with some officials,accompanied by Li Xiaochun, member of CEC Party Committee and chief accountant, Yang Lin, secretary and chairman of China Zhenhua Party Committee, Ni Min, member of China Zhenhua Party Committee and chief accountant, and Hou Qiaokun, chairman of Zhenhua E-chem.

   At the research meeting, Xiang Qianxin, general manager of Zhenhua E-chem expressed his heartfelt thanks on behalf of the management team of ZEC to Chairman Du Yuanquan and the leaders of CEC and China Zhenhua for their support and assistance to ZEC for over the years. he also reported in detail the production and operation of ZEC in recent years, the completion of key work and the development plan of the enterprise "The thirteenth Five-Year Plan".

   After listening to the report, Chairman Du Yuanquan fully affirmed ZEC's achievements in focusing on new energy, new materials and the development of industry in the field of cathode materials of lithium ion battery, and stressed that in the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises should plan well for market demand, intensify technological research and development, innovate thinking mode and capital operation mode, and walk out of a unique way of combining production with finance. We should care about, support and cultivate excellent skilled talents who grow up in practice and combine theory with practice, so as to make sufficient talents and technology reserves for the development of enterprises.

   Zhang Fang, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council sent, director of the China Electronics Board of Supervisors, Wang Hongxing, and other relevant department leaders, Li Gang, secretary of the China Electronics Board of Directors, and other relevant department heads, Liu Jin, chief accountant of Zhenhua E-chem, and Wang Baoguo, assistant to the general manager, participated in the research.